How to Use Pickled Onions

Pickled onions have become one of my favorite garnishes for a meal. They add so much flavor when topped on nachos or tacos. Way better than plain red onions in a salad. Take chicken salad to the next level. And even great on burgers and sandwiches!

Here is my favorite pickled onion recipe. It’s no fuss, fool proof, quick, and doesn’t require any cooking!

They will last for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator. I like to keep mine in an airtight container. And as you will see below, there are so many different ways to eat them!

Here are 31 ways to use Pickled Onions…

Chicken Taco Salad

Easy enough for a weeknight but flavorful enough to impress dinner guests!

Loaded Caesar Salad

A caesar salad taken to the next level!! Loaded with extra vegetables and extra flavor!

Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

The absolute BEST salad!!!! Loaded with strawberries, bacon, pickled onions, cucumbers, almonds, and a lemon poppyseed vinagrette.

Deconstructed Burgers

Tastes like a burger in a salad form! It’s perfect if you want a burger option without the bun!

Bistro Salad with Pickled Onions

Goes with literally any meal.

Florida Cobb Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

A brighter, lighter cobb salad perfect for summer.

Chopped Cucumber Melon Salad

This is the perfect summer side!

Greek Salad in a Jar

This is a great meal prep lunch situation.

Greek Chicken Salad

More outstanding greek food + pickled onion examples.

Low Calorie Chicken Salad

The perfect high protein meal prep idea!

Cheddar Tuna Melts

Crunchy tangy pickled onions pair so well with the salty cheddar cheese and tuna salad.

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Not all egg salad sandwiches are created equal. And this one is amazing.

Avocado Bagel

This is the perfect recipe for a summertime breakfast or brunch!

Summer Sandwich Recipe

This is the exact sandwich I crave after being in the sun all day. It’s loaded with turkey, pimento cheese, and all the works!

Turkey Burgers

The most flavorful, moist, juicy turkey burgers you will ever taste!!!

Pimento Cheese Burgers

Made with pre-made burger patties. Leveled up with pimento cheese on top!

Cheeseburger Meatballs

So good you won’t miss the bun!

Cheeseburger Crunchwraps

Another twist on cheeseburgers and great use of pickled onions!

Cheeseburger Tostadas

Cheeseburgers for when the weather isn’t good enough to grill!

Open Faced Steak Sandwiches

Steak is taken to the next level – served in sandwich with a garlic sauce and pickled onions on top.

Salmon Burgers

The harissa mayo and pickled onions on these are chef’s kiss.

Spicy Salmon Bowl

The leftovers of this bowl make for the best lunch!

Crispy Chicken Tikka Bowls

PSA – Pickled onions are also good on Indian food!

Pulled Pork Nachos with Queso

These are over the top delicious.

Cauliflower Black Bean Tostadas

Topped with queso and pickled onions!

Crispy Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Served with a cilantro lime ranch.

Barbacoa Beef Tacos

These are topped with pickled onions and a pineapple pico salsa. Talk about flavor!

Pulled Pork Pizza

Pickled onions 100% belong on a pulled pork pizza.

Sheet Pan Chicken Gyros

These are served with a feta tzatziki sauce! YUM!

Turmeric Chicken Pita

Served with a garlic lemon tahini sauce!

Falafel Burgers with Tzatziki Slaw

Pickled onions are amazing on anything greek.

Collage of all the ways to use pickled onions in recipes