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About Emily

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging after my sophomore year of high school. I hurt my knee in high school. So I was looking for something to do that qualified as an extra curricular. It was actually my grandma who told me to start a food blog. It was the classic, “I think you would be so great at that” grandma response. I started blogging not long after that.

Do you work full time?

I have a full time career in accounting. It’s a weird combo. But I love my career! And I also love cooking!

Are you married?

Not married! (Yet!) I am engaged! We are getting married September 2023. I CAN’T WAIT.

What’s your favorite kind of recipe to make?

Anything along the lines of Sunday dinner!!! There’s nothing better than a slow home cooked comforting meal.

What’s your favorite recipe on Layers of Happiness?

Probably this apple pie. But this rice pilaf, this zucchini lasagna, and 7 layer macaroons are close seconds.

What’s Griffin is favorite recipe?

His are BBQ Chicken Nuggets and these honey roasted sweet potatoes.

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