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Prep Tools

Plastic Cutting Board

You don’t want to use wooden cutting boards for anything like meat, seafood, garlic, or onion. Bacterias and smells are almost impossible to get out of a wooden cutting board.

8-Inch Chef’s Knife

The only knife you need. You can cut everything from vegetables to meat. It’s super sharp & lightweight.

Knife Sharpener

It’s important to sharpen your nice knives every so often to make your knives last for a very long time!

Kitchen Schears

I use these for spatchcocking a chicken, cutting raw meat into cubes, cutting herbs, and more.


This makes thin slicing so quick and easy. I use it for pickled onions, apple pie, and sweet potato stacks.


This one can peel the toughest skins (butternut squash, etc.).

Citrus Juicer

I prefer these over the colored ceramic ones because the acid from citrus doesn’t leave a residue on the stainless steel.

Measuring Spoons

These have a rectangular shape so they can fit IN the spice jar!!!

Dry Measuring Cups

I love the magnetic handles because it makes them stay stacked and organized.

Liquid Measuring Cups

You can see the line markers from the top. No more bending over to see if you’re above or below the line.

Food Scale

Because sometimes the recipe calls for a certain weight banana and you have no idea what size that means

Cookie Scoop

Used for way more than just cookies… cookie scoops are great for making meatballs, cookies, portioning muffins, and energy balls.

Prep Bowls

There are prep bowl sets out there with a million different sizes. But I find these are the only 3 sizes I reach for.

Disposable Gloves

I use these whenever I’m using my hands to shred chicken, mix meatballs, or get under the skin of a roasted chicken with seasonings.

Kitchen Towels

I have used these for years! So thick and durable.


I got an apron after ruining one too many shirts from sauce splatters.

All Kitchen Essentials

The full list of all my kitchen essentials! Plus the top 5 kitchen items I recommend getting first if you don’t know where to start.

Countertop Appliances

All the essentials you can keep on your counter top… or store away if keeping things on the counter isn’t your thing!!! 🙂

Pots and Pans

PSA: You don’t need all the pots/pans that come in a pots and pan set. I much prefer selecting the specific pots you will get the most use out of. That way you can get a few nice pots and save cabinet space.


Everything you need to bake anything in your oven. Baking sheets, baking pans, and multi-purpose baking items.

Cooking Tools

Everything you need to cook on the stove or grill.


All of my favorite pieces to help you entertain with ease.


Take your hosting game to the next level by creating a show-stopping bar!

Misc Items

All my other random favorite items!


Our favorite cookbooks we have cooked from over and over again!

Family Board Games

Games we love to play after dinner!