Layers of Happiness
Featuring new classic recipes!


Ounce Measuring Cup

How I make cocktail recipes. It measures tablespoons and ounces.

Cocktail/Whiskey Glasses

Super affordable & I always get asked where I got them!

Long Stirring Spoon

Used for mixing cocktails and muddling all in one!

Cocktail Shaker

This is the best cocktail shaker!

1 Liter Glass Carafe

I use these to hold multiple batches of a cocktail for holidays/parties. That way I don’t have to make individual cocktails for a crowd.

Drink Dispenser

We love serving Christmas Punch out of this on Christmas Eve or sangria in the summer!.

Insulated Gallon Jug

We use this when making frozen drinks for a crowd. You can make a huge batch and it will stay frozen the whole night. We’ve even made a batch in the morning and brought it to the river. It’s still frozen by the time we serve it to everyone.

Large Ice Cube Maker

This giant ice maker is more fool proof than the circle sphere ones.

Ice Bucket

It’s insulated so it doesn’t sweat on the sides and it keeps the ice cold longer.

Ice Scoop

To get the ice out of the ice bucket above.

Wine Glasses

These are amazing sommelier level wine glasses. I like the white wine glass size.

Affordable Wine Glasses

These are similar shape and feel to the Gabriel-Glas (above wine glasses), except they are much more affordable!

Stemless Wine Glasses

These are affordable stemless wine glasses. I am obsessed with them. I use them for serving wine, cocktails, and water.

Electric Wine Opener

I’m obsessed with this wine opener. It’s a perfect open every time.

All Kitchen Essentials

The full list of all my kitchen essentials! Plus the top 5 kitchen items I recommend getting first if you don’t know where to start.

Countertop Appliances

All the essentials you can keep on your counter top… or store away if keeping things on the counter isn’t your thing!!! 🙂

Pots and Pans

PSA: You don’t need all the pots/pans that come in a pots and pan set. I much prefer selecting the specific pots you will get the most use out of. That way you can get a few nice pots and save cabinet space.


Everything you need to bake anything in your oven. Baking sheets, baking pans, and multi-purpose baking items.

Prep Tools

All the things you need to make prepping your food easier.

Cooking Tools

Everything you need to cook on the stove or grill.


All of my favorite pieces to help you entertain with ease.

Misc Items

All my other random favorite items!


Our favorite cookbooks we have cooked from over and over again!

Family Board Games

Games we love to play after dinner!