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Three-Quarter Size Baking Sheet

A super large baking sheet is a game changer!! It fits everything on one baking sheet in a single layer!

More Affordable Three-Quarter Baking Sheet

This one is a cheaper option under $15!

Half Size Baking Sheet

I also have the normal size baking sheets too.

More Affordable Half Baking Sheet

This one is a cheaper option under $10!

8-Inch Square Baking Pan

I love metal for baking because metal cooks wave more even than glass baking pans. Great for cornbread and small batch casseroles.

9×13-Inch Baking Pan

Same as the 8-inch baking pan – I love metal for baking brownies, cookie bars, etc. It cooks way more even than glass.

Casserole Dishes with Handles

I love these ceramic dishes for savory dinner casseroles like pasta bakes, lasagna, meatballs, and thanksgiving side dishes.

9-Inch Pie Dish

Yes, I use this for pie. But also so many other things. It’s great for baked appetizers, small batch casseroles, cakes, layer dips, and more.

Muffin Pan

Same with the pie dish – you can use this for way more than muffins. I love it for egg muffins, sweet potato stacks, and mini meatloaves.

Cooling Rack

Yes I use this for cookies. But I also use it for baked chicken nuggets and roasting chicken. This one fits on a half baking sheet.

Rolling Pin + Mat

I use this rolling pin to make sugar cookies! I love that it’s metal (so dishwasher safe) and it has measuring rings to make even thickness.

All Kitchen Essentials

The full list of all my kitchen essentials! Plus the top 5 kitchen items I recommend getting first if you don’t know where to start.

Countertop Appliances

All the essentials you can keep on your counter top… or store away if keeping things on the counter isn’t your thing!!! 🙂

Pots and Pans

PSA: You don’t need all the pots/pans that come in a pots and pan set. I much prefer selecting the specific pots you will get the most use out of. That way you can get a few nice pots and save cabinet space.

Prep Tools

All the things you need to make prepping your food easier.

Cooking Tools

Everything you need to cook on the stove or grill.


All of my favorite pieces to help you entertain with ease.


Take your hosting game to the next level by creating a show-stopping bar!

Misc Items

All my other random favorite items!


Our favorite cookbooks we have cooked from over and over again!

Family Board Games

Games we love to play after dinner!