Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials

Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials – all the things you need for a successful Thanksgiving that you might not already have in your kitchen!

My top two tips for Thanksgiving are: have a schedule and make sure you have everything you need ahead of time!

There’s nothing worse than getting to Thanksgiving day and realizing you don’t have what you need. And it’s not like you can run to the grocery store to get some of these items. Below is my list of all the things I use every year and make Thanksgiving dinner much easier!

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving recipe ideas, here are all of our family favorites!

28 Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials

Thanksgiving timeline and prep timeline graphics

Thanksgiving Schedule

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A turkey roasting pan is a thanksgiving essential

Turkey Roasting Pan

A baking sheet won’t cut it for roasting a turkey! This is built to hold a 20 lb turkey! It catches all the juices that fall off and has strong handles.

Black food safe gloves used for handling raw meat

Disposable Gloves

You will want these when working with the raw turkey!!

Black and red kitchen scissors

Kitchen Schears

I use these for spatchcocking a turkey, cutting herbs, and more.

A roll of kitchen twine

Kitchen Twine

You need this to tie the turkey legs together before roasting!

A meat thermometer with cooking instructions

Meat Thermometer

So you don’t have to worry about under cooking the turkey!

Two white cutting boards with black rims

Cutting & Carving Board

You can use this to prep your vegetables and carve the turkey. These cutting boards have a grove around the outside to catch juices that come off the turkey while carving.

A silver kitchen knife with a blank handle

8-Inch Chef’s Knife

The only knife you need. You can prep your vegetables and carve a turkey with this knife! It’s super sharp & lightweight.

Two large white serving platters on a table

Large Serving Platter

Somewhere to put your carved turkey.

A white serving dish with handles on the ends

Casserole Dish

Make sure you have enough baking dishes for all the casseroles you are planning to make!

A square white baking dish with two handles on the ends

Square Baking Dish

I also suggest having a square baking dish!

A white circle pie dish with a rim around the top

9-Inch Pie Dish

Cute and affordable! You can use it for pie, baked appetizers, small batch casseroles, cakes, or layer dips.

A grey oven mitt with a silicone grip covering most of the mitt

Oven Mitt

This has grooves for a better grip than kitchen towels And it’s super easy to clean because it has a water resistant silicone outer layer.

A silver potato ricer with a black grip

Potato Ricer

The secret to getting the most silky soft mashed potatoes!

A black striped apron and a gray stripped apron


So you don’t ruin your Thanksgiving outfit finishing up dinner!

Serving Utensils

Make sure you have enough serving utensils!

A pair of silver tongs with a black grip

9-Inch Tongs

Great for tossing and serving salads!

A white gravy boat with a handle

Gravy Boat

This one has a wide dripless spout!

Three clear liter glass carafes with libs

1 Liter Glass Carafe

Fill these with water for the table so you don’t have to get up a million times to refill waters!

A clear stemless wine glass

Stemless Wine Glasses

Affordable wine glasses if you are hosting a lot of people! These can also be used for water or cocktails!

Drink Dispenser

Perfect for serving water or a big batch cocktail out of!

Ice Bucket

So people aren’t digging in your freezer for ice! It’s insulated so it doesn’t sweat on the sides and it keeps the ice cold longer.

Ice Scoop

To get the ice out of the ice bucket above.

Photo of an apple pie and thanksgiving dinner written on it

“Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving Dinner”Playlist

This is the best warm and cozy Thanksgiving playlist!

Thanksgiving Coloring Page Table Runner

Great activity if you have kids coming to your Thanksgiving!

Dinner Table Topics

Big gatherings can be overwhelming for some people. So having prompts to facilitate easy discussion is great for helping everyone feel comfortable!

Spicy Farkel

Our favorite 2-6 person high energy, group game!


Another favorite high energy game! Great if you have lots of people because you can create teams!

Plastic Leftover Containers

So you don’t lose all your tupperware sending people home with leftovers!

A photo collage of all my Thanksgiving cooking essentials