Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide.

Today’s post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts®! We are super excited to be featuring their Originial Blend Coffee in our gift guide today because, um, what’s a coffee lover without coffee? Yeah. #DunkinToTheRescue

I cannot believe it is already the second week in December. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, then you are exactly like me. A possible procrastinator. (Although, I’m getting better.)

But, today I’m here with my very first gift guide. This one is for my type of favorite person… we all have one…. that friend who cannot deal with life until after they have already had their coffee. This gift guide was so fun to put together because of all the cute coffee-lover accessories and because of how affordable a lot of the items are.

I mean, no judging if you end up purchasing a few things for yourself along the way…



    1. Original Blend Coffee
      Of course, any real coffee lover obviously needs a bag of coffee for Christmas, am I right?? I saw a t-shirt they other day at Dunkin’ Donuts® that said “Real friends do not let you drink Starbucks.” Ha! As funny as it is, it is a little bit true… I love Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee. You can also find this at your local Walmart. Right now, you can get $1.00 off via Ibotta on Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee exclusively at Walmart. (Get the coupon here.) Walmart also has a variety of flavors, roasts and seasonal items for every Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee fan.


    1. Self-Stir Mug –
      Never again will all your sugary goodness come to attack your last two sips.


    1. Caffeinated Chocolate –
      Chocolate with caffeine in it. No, you are not dreaming. This is real. I repeat, this is real people.


    1. Heat Sensitive Lids –
      These lids are heat sensitive, so they can let you know when your coffee has cooled down enough to drink without burning all your tastebuds off. Game changer.coffee-lover-gift-guide-3


    1. Battery Mug –
      When you pour a beverage over 100 degrees into the mug, and drink out of it, it lights up. As your drink goes down, so does the battery until you are fully charged and ready to go.


    1. Bicycle Cup Holder –
      Now you can take your coffee on a bicycle ride around your neighborhood without having to worry about it spilling everywhere.


    1. This T-Shirt –
      “All I care about is coffee. (and like 2 other people).” I know a few people who would fit this t-shirt perfectly. Ha!


    1. Edible Sugar Doilies –
      This might be the cutest cup of coffee ever.coffee-lover-gift-guide-4


    1. Hand Warmer Mug –
      Multitasking at its finest.


    1. Coffee Bean Ice Cube Molds –
      Drink it hot, drink it cold. Either way, never watered down.



Seriously… I will NOT judge you if you buy some of these gifts for yourself!! Hope you enjoyed this gift guide.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts® . The opinions and text are all mine.