The Best Tacky Christmas Sweater Party Ever

Yes… Over the weekend I hosted ANOTHER Christmas Party. What can I say, I love my Christmas Parties.

This one was a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party with my friends. I hosted a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party last year, but it was a brunch/ornament exchange for girls only. This year I had it at night and invited guys and girls. I’m so happy with how everything turned out, we all had so much fun!

photo 3-3

Sarah is now our designated chalkboard drawer! For Saturday, she drew “Keep Calm and Be Tacky” on the chalkboard… sooo cute!


We set up a hot chocolate bar for everyone when they first arrived, while we put the finishing touches on dinner. For the hot chocolate bar, you know I made my favorite Crockpot Nutella Hot Chocolate! (Recipe here.) For toppings, we had homemade whipped cream with extra sugar for sweetness, peanut butter chips, shaved chocolate, crushed peppermints, chocolate hazelnut pirouettes… And awesome Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows made by my friend, Sarah.

There was plenty of good food. We had my Mom’s Famous Mac and Cheese. Ham Biscuits. My friend, Erin, brought Honey Nut Baked Brie. (I asked her to do a guest post and share the recipe with you all, and she said yes!) We also had Homemade Seasoned Pretzels… these were a hit! Gingerbread Pita Chips. For the sweets, I made Chocolate Crunch Popcorn… this was so good, and so easy. All I did was mix caramel corn, pretzel sticks, and potato chips in a bowl, pour the mixture onto a baking sheet, and drizzle it with white and dark chocolate. My great-grandmother’s fudge. Omg. How come I never knew how easy fudge was to make?! For some reason I always thought it was some complicated process that only special people were able to make. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is d.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s.


And for the grand finale….. TACKY SWEATER CAKE POPS!!

Say what now?! They turned out sooo cute. I was a little nervous to order them because I didn’t know if anyone would be able to create the perfect combination of tacky and cute but the store we got them from did! We got them from Candy Cake Valley Company which is a local cake pop, specialty shop. They always have the cutest creations. They also did my birthday cake.


We ate…. we drank (hot chocolate) …. and we sure were merry!

photo 1-2

After dinner, we had a little fun with the 2013 Christmas games. For the next post this week, I am going to go more in depth on all the games we played, but here is a sneak peek:

There were two teams… Guy vs. Girls because Guys vs. Girls is always the most fun with my friends.

We played a bunch of games (See my Minute-to-Win post for more detail!) But my two favorites were: “Face the Cookie” – you had to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles!  It was hilarious.

Christmas Minute to Win it


So Close!!!


And “Buddy the Elf.” I title this event “Buddy the Elf,” on the scoreboard so no one would suspect anything, and I asked for the volunteers before I explained the directions. Both Stephen and Lindsay jumped right up. They were probably thinking that it would be some kind of Buddy- the Elf quote off… but no, not even close.

It was a Buddy the Elf Spaghetti eating contest. You know the spaghetti he makes while he is alone in his Dad’s apartment with the maple syrup and candy? Yeah, we re-created it and they had 1 minute to eat with no hands.


It had spaghetti noodles, M&M’s, skittles, sprinkles, marshmallows, maple syrup, and sprinkles… yum. 🙂 This was their reaction…


photo 3-2

That was probably the best game of the night…. but it did bring out the competitiveness in us when there was a possibly that the guys might have have won….

photo 3-1

The guys thought it was hilarious.

photo 2-2

But we did not.

photo 4-1

And we put an end to their winning streak and ended up beating them!


photo 5-1

Next, to really show off the ugly sweaters, we decided to make a photo booth with silly props. This was so much fun, we laughed and laughed at all the dumb pictures.

Tacky Sweater Photo Booth


Christmas Tacky Sweater Photo Booth



I’m not really sure what look I was going for? A reindeer-Santa Claus?

photo 1-1

What a great night! I had so much fun laughing and chatting with good friends till the wee hours in the morning. It was a great way to celebrate Christmas with such fun friends!

photo 5-3

Hope you had a great weekend!


Your favorite party planners 🙂