Staying Fabulous In Your 40s

Life with Jen #40 (I love how my #40 just happened to be about my 40s 🙂 )

At this point in my life I fearlessly embrace fabulousness.  There is nobody more attractive than a smart, confident and courageous woman in her 40’s….it’s a great time in a woman’s life for many reasons! 

Jen Loving

Here are some things I do that I have found help me maintain that marvelous, spicy 40 feeling:

  • I don’t cover or hide my wrinkles—my true beauty and life story lies within them
  • Taking baths and surrounding yourself with candles is romantic or sensual time that you need—water is cleansing and can wash away unwanted energy and bring you back to yourself
  • Waxing is a must—go Brazilian or get creative—whatever you do, don’t get boring or un-manicured down there, regardless of usage
  • I have embraced black as a primary clothing color—it does wonders for the body and it’s chic and elegant
  • I let go of the hairstyle I have had for 20 years and got a new, updated sassy look—changing my hairstyle created a uniquely beautiful feeling and brought out my spontaneous side
  • Thongs are now in my underwear drawer—they give me a certain sensuous feeling that is good for you
  • I have bought a few new outfits that are outside my comfort zone—it’s so easy to get stuck in a fashion rut—and nothing will make you feel hotter than wearing a new outfit you love
  • Wear fun, hot toenail polish—Blue, Red and Orange feel fabulous
  • I shave my arms and legs every day—don’t get lazy
  • Don’t buy anything in the Junior department—not even a tank top.  More importantly, don’t wear your teenager’s clothing!  I see women doing it and what that looks like to me is that they don’t embrace age and that isn’t sexy at all.
  • Show cleavage with confidence— if you don’t have any, buy some gel padding to create some!
  • I wear scarves and pearls frequently—like my mother always told me “They are timeless statement pieces that make every woman feel beautiful”
  • On occasion I go underwear free—it unbinds and releases any tension and allows the release of my fun and playful energy—try it you will see!
  • I drink good wine—I like to take a deep, long smell before I take my first sip
  • I practice yoga and meditation daily—there is something amazing about the movement, flow and the awareness of your own body—it allows me to be in tune with what my body needs and wants
  • At 43 I did something my mother and lots of other people don’t approve of—I got a tattoo—it feels freeing to live on the uninhabited side of life every now and then
  • Read book series like Shades of Grey—it will keep you young—if you need some recommendations I can give you some!
  • At this point in life I know what I like—but more importantly, at 40 something I have the courage to tell someone what I like and want—my 40s have been a wonderful time to explore that person inside because I am no longer afraid of her.


I credit this fabulous 40 feeling to my maternal grandmother.  Unfortunately, my grandmother won’t ever know what valuable life lessons she silently taught me; she was gone before I figured out I was meant to learn from her things that would enhance my life.

When I was younger I thought she was silly, crazy and a bit wilder than I thought anyone should be at her age, or any age for that matter.  What went unnoticed was the beauty of having a spirit like hers.  Looking back on my time with her, I realize that she was indeed one of the happiest people I have ever known; and not by mistake.  Why?  Because she just got it; she got the secret that so many us search for.  She was fully accepting of herself and let her spirit fly.  I plan on doing the same! —stay fabulous