Life is About Buying Time

Life with Jen #32
I watched something last Thursday that was just so heart warming and impactful that I thought I would share.
om times heart pictureOkay so Thursday night I was up at 10 (which just FYI is already past my bedtime!) when the interview with Valerie Harper and Meredith Vieira came on.  I had seen it advertised but had not planned on watching it……..because for one, life has it’s own stressful moments right now and I didn’t really need additional reasons to cry.  I also knew what a huge impact several other similar interviews/documentaries have had on me.  The interviews that have had the greatest impact on me are:

Farrah’s Story – click here to see.  I will never ever forget this documentary….ever.  It made more of an impact on me about life in general than I can even express.  What a beautiful soul she was……..and I never knew that….I just knew that she was beautiful on the outside.  Her beauty on the inside far exceeded her outward beauty.   She reminds me of this bright yellow beautiful flower below.

flower border Oprah’s interview with Erin Kamp – A mom who was dying and in her time she had left she made over 100 videos and audiotapes for her daughter.  Those videos were for her daughter to watch at different stages of her life…..from how to choose natural make-up to her wedding day…to many more life lessons you take for granted that your mother gets to teach you.  I will never forget this interview…ever.  She also prepared letters and gifts for every Christmas and Birthday that she wouldn’t be there with her daughter.   I am sure you can still watch it…….it was from a mother’s love the most touching thing ever.  Click here to see it.  She also had a reunion follow up with the daughter Peyton many years later after her mom passed away…….that was just so heart touching.
Maya Angelou on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  I have always read her quotes and they have always resonated with me……..but seeing her, hearing her talk about life in the way she did was impactful to me beyond words.  I am now more than a fan of hers……she is a woman that I admire and I am so thankful I got to see her and hear what she had to say.  Her soul is just so beautiful.  Click here to see her clips from that Super Soul Sunday Series.  This one in particular I love.  This picture below reminds me of her….it’s from (
immerse your soul in loveAnd now…………So, I am sitting there on the couch ready to go to bed as it was coming on……….and I am like……….oh I really want to watch this………, I shouldn’t because I will just cry and cry I just know it.  And it started and I couldn’t turn it off.  I of course grew up knowing about Valerie Harper………but did I understand her spirit?…  What a remarkable person with brightest light in her heart that shines outwardly.  I have this picture of this heart that I meditate to all the time lately.  I don’t stare at the picture but I have it memorized in my mind.  I found it on Pinterest and more times than not at the end of Savasana or during meditating at night I will have this picture in my mind………only focusing on light coming out of my heart first and then light coming back into my heart….give and receive kind of thing……just like the picture.  The picture is from  It really reminded me of how I saw Valerie’s spirit.

HEARTIt’s almost like you don’t even pay attention at all to her outward appearance because her inward radiating light is so strong that that’s all you can see.

The interview with Meredith was very good……….I really do enjoy and like Meredith……but I didn’t think Meredith was as personally connected with her as I think I would have naturally been or she should have been in the interview because it really was a story to help others…..she was caring but not necessarily connected….caring but interviewing if that makes sense.  Valerie’s lightness is so bright that I don’t know how you could not connect with her personally and I don’t know how you get through some of the conversations without crying.  Not grieving crying or necessarily a sad cry….sometimes crying because she is just such a special person that the energy about her just moves you to tears.

I also didn’t know that she had adopted a daughter when her daughter was the age of around 4 years old……what a beautiful and special relationship they had.  Valerie in that sense reminded me a lot of my own mom.  Always so positive……..always so happy to be with me, talking to me………just genuinely so loving all the time.  The parts with her daughter were both hard to watch because they hit home and inspiring at the same time………inspiring to be a mom like her with just a deep, compassionate and joyful love for her child.

Then, there was Valerie’s husband……Oh my goodness.  How blessed is she!    I honestly couldn’t say enough words about him.  They went to the museum where they had their first date 30 something years ago and the love that going back to that place brought both of them was so touching.  What a wonderful life mate and what a wonderful story of love between the two of them.

He had severe anxiety about death….as do I…, I really connected with him.  He was so loving.  It always amazes me how or why some people have such anxiety about death as it is a part of all of us……we just don’t know when.  And worrying about when or being afraid of when gets in the way of the now.  Valerie has an incredible ability to live in the present.   I work on trying to be in the moment and live in the present…………but it is definitely something I struggle with.  The interview showed the two of them going to the cemetery and picking out their grave site……….that was really when the tears were going.  And Valerie was almost jovial about it.  She said to her husband………how can I leave you to plan my funeral when you are afraid of  your own death…………you can’t handle this we need to get it done now so you won’t have to worry about it.  She found a spot she liked and you could see the Hollywood sign and water from it and she was like………Oh my goodness what a beautiful peach of land and what a perfect spot.  How does one get that strength?

The interview ended at 11 and I cried from the moment it started at 10 until around midnight.  Not a sad cry….just so incredibly moved by her spirit.  That probably doesn’t make a good case for watching the interview……………but I promise you there are lessons about life – very important lessons – in that interview that are invaluable.  In the interview they talked about how life really is about buying time and that really is so true…….we all do these things like eat healthy, exercise etc because it buys us more time (or it is supposed to).  It’s also why it’s so important to only surround yourself with people that life you up and help you be a better person……………because your time is precious……and limited…..don’t waste it on anything negative.

I posted this article “23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing” on my article round up last week……if you missed it… should read it….it hits home with whats important in taking care of yourself.

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We have some good recipes coming up this week.  Indian for one………..I REALLY love Indian food!  And maybe a Moroccan dish…yum!

Take time and be thankful for your life.
Keep Calm and Be Happy