Keeping It Together 2015 Planner

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Today we are so excited to share with you our new favorite planner. Our friends over at were nice enough to send us one of their brand new 2015 planners for us to test out.

I can say one thing… I. am. in. love. I never knew how much a planner could offer. But whatever I imagined, I was seriously wrong. This planner has everything I could ever ask for. One the cover it says, “A girl’s guide to living life to the fullest.” And that is exactly what this planner does. I firmly believe every woman needs an amazing planner in her life. I love the heart and thought put into this planner by the three awesome ladies behind it & how this planner strives to push women to prioritize, organize & make life happen effectively & efficiently.

One of the ladies behind the planner is Jessica and she’s a Registered Dietician (if you are new, that’s what I’m studying to be), so we obviously had an instant bond over our passion for healthy living. I’m guessing she does all the nutrition tips and little snacks recipes and can I just say, they are spot on! For example, on National Fast Food Day, the Fit and Fab Tip talks about instead of gorging in fast food, they challenge you to become more aware of the fast food industry and it’s effects one our health by watching documentaries like Food Fight, Fast Food Nation, or Food, Inc.


Layout of the Keeping it Together 2015 Planner

Here’s a run down of what’s included in the 2015 planner:

  • A zip pouch with appointment stickers, nutrition trackers, and paper clips
  • Thick pages
  • Monthly calendars with tabs and upcoming occasions to keep track of (who, the date, and the gift you are getting)
  • Weekly calendars
  • Quarterly check ins where you track your current state of well-being, your goals for the upcoming future, and a little piece of advice from the KIT team
  • Monthly goals including
  • Monthly budgets
  • Doodle breaks
  • Large writing spaces for each day
  • A place for graditude everyday
  • Everyday fitness and water intake tracker
  • Daily fit & fab tips
  • Daily inspirational quotes
  • Holiday gift tracking

See what I mean? This planner has SO much to offer!


My favorite thing about the planner is the Fit & Fab tips.

These are so cool. You know how your grandpa used to always ask you: “what did you learn today?” Or have you ever heard the saying, “You should learn something new everyday.” Yeah, well the fit and fab tips teach you something new every single day. You’ll learn about national food days you never knew existed, what vegetable is in season and how to prepare it, when to buy things like airline flights or christmas gifts, cool websites to check out, healthy snack recipes, and so much more.


Oh, and this Holiday Gift tracker is so awesome. I am definitely using this. A column for the recipient, the gift description, check box for when it’s wrapped, a heck box for when it’s mailed, the budget for the gift, and the total you spent. I love it! So so handy!


How am I going to use my planner?

Monthly Calendar: This is where I would keep all my important dates for appointments, birthdays, parties, traveling, family coming in to visit, pay days, reminders, work schedule, and anything else super important that I don’t want to double book.

Weekly calendar: This is where I would keep track of the posts for that week and our meal plan for that week.

Daily planner: This is where I would keep track of anything I have due that day, anything I need to remind myself of, my workouts and meals, something I am grateful for in the gratitude section, and learn something new from the daily fit and fab tip.

Soooo, the big question: Is the planner worth the price?

Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes. And… this is the perfect gift to give someone for the holidays this year as it has everything they need to keep their life together all in one piece. I know I would have loved to get this for the holidays! It’s big enough to acutally write things in, while still fitting in my purse, the ink doesn’t bleed through because the pages are so thick and durable, which also means the pages don’t rip easily, and most importantly, it’s SO CUTE!! I mean, look at all those colors!

I definitely recommend this planner to everyone… and we would like to thank the girls over at for sending us this planner. I can’t wait to put it to good use next year!

Here’s a link to buy your very own KIT 2015 planner: