Healthy Living Summit Conference {Part 1}

Hey there! We have been busy busy busy lately, and I think I am just now starting to recover from the sleep I have lost these past few weekends and then staying up on week nights trying to catch up on homework. Thankfully, I plan to be home for good for a while.

Last weekend we attended the Healthy Living Summit in Minneapolis, MN… What a weekend! I tend to enjoy jam-packed life on steriods type of getaways, so this was my kind of weekend.

We were both a little bit nervous going into the conference, but certainly not as nervous as last year. Last year we went into the conference with only one week of blogging under our belt, with no idea what things like plug-ins, Google docs, or any of the other terms being thrown around like crazy meant. I feel like we were more involve this year in participating in the mini-mingles. The mini mingles were such a fun way to meet and connect with other bloggers.

Our journey began on Thursday evening…. however we didn’t actually get to the hotel until around 1 in the morning because of flight delays. 🙁


Surprisingly we had no trouble getting up bright and early the next morning to go to Wild Harvest’s test kitchen! This was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend (and also our favorite brand 🙂 ) Everything they did was so perfectly planned out and coordinated.

We got to hear from their R.D. and chef about how they create recipes, learn about the manufacturing, and we even got to do a “mock” sensory lab.


This part was sooo cool! We tested their cherry vanilla granola and they even had questions for us to answer at the end!


When we heard from the chef, she actually made us these awesome turkey burgers served on whole wheat buns with lettuce, tomato, and an awesome spread. We will definitely be sharing that recipe in the near future.


After we went all through the test kitchen, they had a little luncheon prepared for us, with a bartender making Mock Mojitos… DEFINITELY going to share this recipe as well.


We didn’t eat breakfast and we didn’t do a lot of “eating” at the test kitchen, it was more of a lot of “sampling. By the time we got back to the hotel, registered for the conference, and got our huge swag bag, we were hungry again!

Our favorites from the swag bag:

photo 1

We had a little bit of time to spare before our round-table discussion, so we walked down the street to get a taste of Minneapolis food trucks.


Our choice of the day was Hot Indian!


Are you down with brown?! Haha!


Hot Indian had such a cool twist on the traditional Indian food and the owner was so funny!

We got their signature dish, the Chicken Indurrito, which is an Indian Burrito wrapped in an Indian Roti. The Indian Roti made the whole burrito! It’s basically a super thin piece of Naan.

We also got an order of Indi-Frites (Indian-seasoned Fries) with their awesome chipotle mayo. The fries were to die for… we were debating on whether or not to get them and I’m so glad we decided to!


After the food truck excursion, we had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready for our round-table discussion we led. I was really nervous going into it because we have never lead anything before… so nervous I forgot to take a picture!! But everything turned out awesome and everyone that came was so friendly!

Stay tuned to hear about the second part of the weekend!