Christmas Minute-to-Win-it Games


At my Tacky Sweater Party this year, we added a fun new twist with some games. I have never personally watched the Minute-to-Win-it show, but many of you probably have and we do a version of it at Younglife, called “Younglife Minutes.” On the show, there is a variety of fun games that you compete in within a minute.

I put together a few of them, plus a few non-minute games, for a Christmas version of Minute to Win it and it was soooo much fun to play! The other difference between our Minute to Win it competition and typical Minute to Win it competitions was that we divided our selves into teams instead of every man for themselves. I think it’s more fun this way becasue it creates a lot of team bonding!

photo 2-2Here are a few of my favorites from that night explained in more detail…

Christmas Minute to Win It Games

Face The Cookie


photo 1-3


Soooo close!!


Required Items:

  • Cookies for each contestant. I used Peppermint Oreos.

When the clock starts, a player may grab the first cookie and place it on their forehead. The cookie must remain in contact with the face (AKA the player can’t toss the cookie from the forehead and catch it in the mouth). If the cookie falls, the player may reset the cookie on their forehead for another attempt. To complete the came, the player must get the cookie to their mouth within the 60-second time limit.

Christmas Taboo

photo 5-2


Required Items:

  • Taboo Cards: print here.
  • A container to put the cards in… I used a glass cookie jar.

A player from the first team draws a card. A player from the second team serves as the monitor. The player holding the card must give verbal clues (words only – no humming or gesturing) to help his/her team guess the word at the top of the card within 30 seconds. He or she may not use any of the words or phrases listed on the card
or any portion thereof.

The monitor looks at the card and listens to ensure that the player giving the clues does not use any of the illegal words. If one of the words is said, the monitor should call it. The card is discarded, and the turn forfeited. Play alternates between the two teams. The team with the most point at the end of the play period wins.

If you couldn’t tell… the guys won!



Buddy the Elf Spaghetti Eating Contest



photo 3-2

Required Materials:

  • 2 Buddy the Elf Spaghetti Plates: Spaghetti, M&M’s, Skittles, Marshmallows, Sprinkles, Chocolate Syrup, Maple Syrup.
  • Towels for cleaning up afterwards

The players have one minute to race to finish the plate without using their hands. The player with the most amount of spaghetti eaten wins.

**Give out decent sized portions where a kid can actually eat it all in a minute.

Have fun! These would also be fun to play on Christmas Eve with your family!