Weekend: A Visit from Bubbie and Poppie

Bubbie and Poppie drove up on Friday evening to spend the weekend with us! With them visiting, our meals and activities were extra fun.

Mark Jr. cutting the grass after school on Friday before they got here.


My mom and I went to Body Pump Express. Body Pump Express is from 5:15-6:00 every Friday, so we are able to go and still be able to do what we want after. About the time we got home from class, Bubbie and Poppie arrived.


Food Truck Fridays have begun!


We headed over to the Food Truck Court to hangout and grab a bite to eat. We had never been before and it was a little bit chilly, but it was soo cute! There were a bunch of food trucks with picnic tables in the middle and big grass area for picnic blankets. Boka Taco’s were definitely the winner of the evening. 2 Mexican-style pork tacos for me.

food truck court

We spent Saturday morning at the Summer Farmer’s Market opening day.


For breakfast I had a Mighty Mango Naked Juice


Plus some fresh strawberries bought at the market. Yum. Yum. Yum. :)


That afternoon we hung flower baskets on the front porch


Watching the Kentucky Derby


We made a Mediterranean Greek Yogurt Vegetable Dip with blue corn chips and Triscuits for appetizers before dinner. This dip is basically the same dip from last weekend, except we mixed all the ingredients together instead of layering them. The combination of textures from the humus, the Greek yogurt, and all the fresh vegetables and herbs is awesome!

We also made amazing Moroccan-Style Halibut with corn on the cob and cilantro lime rice with black beans. Yay for fresh herbs!


We have come to realize that there is a little bunny rabbit nibbling on our herbs! Bailey was the first to spot him… he chased after that pour little bunny like there was no tomorrow.

For dessert I made Nutella Rice Krispie Treats

photo-8On Sunday morning we had steaming cups of coffee, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit before saying good-bye to Bubbie and Poppie and heading off to church. I actually ended up having another juice and a banana for breakfast. Two juices and all weekend without an Acai Bowl… who am I turning into?


Later in the afternoon I had to make Chewy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars to take to my teachers who were nice enough to write me a letter of recommendation. I had to fight my family for them. They are like a super thick and chewy blonde brownie with toffee bits, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans.


There isn’t anything healthy about them… but they are worth every bite.


and Mark Jr. had a baseball game


Sunday dinner was low key… We picked up pizza from Whole Foods. They guy who made our pizza was hilarious. He was in a “creative” mood and talked us into ordering an interesting combination of toppings. The sauce was pesto mixed with mango chutney and topped with veggies and fresh mozzarella. I definitely want to try to recreate this at home sometime soon.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Charlotte says:

    Emily -Sounds like you had a great weekend. We both had such a nice weekend with all of you and enjoyed our visit so much. I hear there is a big farmer’s market here. I will find out all about it for when you visit.

    • byjenandemily says:

      I certainly did, I can’t wait to hear about the farmer’s market near you. Have fun on Trip. Love you!

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