Mystery Product: Blue Print Raw & Organic Juices


Blueprint Juice – Treat your body right.  Drinking fresh juice and eating real food is a smart long-term strategy for maintaining good health……..says Blue Print and I agree :)


As you know if you follow our blog we are into juicing! I really can’t say enough about it. I NEVER thought I could do green juice like this and like it as much as I do. Family, friends and co-workers are ALWAYS like what in the world is that? Then, of course, commenting…..that looks awful. Well, I promise you it isn’t! I actually LOVE it and now if I don’t juice a day I really miss it and feel the difference.


If you green juice regularly you will see a dramatic increase in energy levels. Feeling healthier is of course why I started but the energy has been such a great benefit or result from juicing.
I have found Blueprint Juice……thank you Julie! I usually keep a bottle or two in the fridge for the week in case I for whatever crazy life reason don’t have time to juice that particular day. I use their juice as a fill in for my busy days.

I was thinking it would be such a terrific way for people to try green juice that are unsure about it. It would give you an idea of what it tastes like without investing in tons of vegetables or a juicer. Whole Foods carries Blue Print. Blue Print juice is fresh, organic, raw and unpasteurized. They use cold hydraulic pressure for their process.


Blue Print is known for their cleansing packages. You can read online all the different options they have available for natural cleanses. You can order them and have them delivered to your door.
My suggestion is to use it as a way to see if juicing is something you would be interested in. Juicing to me is a form to get the best vegetables for you in your daily consumption…..I do not juice high sugar, high calories fruit. Although….I am sure that would be delicious.


I recently tried the “beet/carrot/apple/lemon/ginger” juice from Whole Foods because I was a little unsure about it and wanted to try it prior to making it on my own. They have all kinds of recipes that are similar to Blue Prints out there……….I will be trying some on my own and will keep you posted.  Whole Foods is the only place I know of besides ordering Blue Print online where you can get it.  It’s a great way to try it out!

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