Life with Emily: Nannygirl Recipes {Waffle Sandwiches and PB&J Rolls}

With Spring Break just around the corner, the babysitter search is in action. Even though I won’t be in town to doing any babysitting myself this year, I still thought it would be fun to share a couple babysitter friendly recipes that will guarantee a thoughtful meal will be served, even in your absence. For all the babysitter readers, these recipes couldn’t be any more fail-proof. You will also impress the parents you are babysitting for by taking the initiative to cook with the kids!

However, these recipes aren’t restricted to babysitter use only! Feel free to take advantage of these kid-friendly recipes and make them with your little ones at home for yourself.

For most babysitters out there, including me, the easiest options for food involve ordering a pizza or microwavable foods. As much as I love an excuse to chow down while catching up with my favorite kids, it’s a lot more entertaining (and more nutritious) for us to make something at home.

Today, I am sharing two recipes. The first is Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Waffle Sandwiches


One of the little girls I used to babysit always got the munchies right before bedtime. After the first couple of visits, snacktime before bed became a routine. One of her favorite combinations was little slices of cheddar cheese and apples.

I took that bedtime snack and made it even more fun and meal-qualifying. I made warm waffle sandwiches with the tasty combo as filling.


I used waffle mix in order to keep things quick and simple, but I always encourage a homemade version too. These sandwiches are so fun and mouthwatering to watch the cheese melt between the waffles.

Favorite Waffle mix: Williams-Sonoma


To assemble: 

Make waffle mix as directed. When batter is completely combined and ready, heat waffle iron to medium-low heat and spray with cooking spray. Ladle waffle mix into waffle iron and cook for 2 minutes, or until just cooked through. The waffle should be light colored at this point. Remove waffle from iron and place on a cutting board to cool for a moment. Using a bread knife carefully cut the waffle horizontally through the middle to form two halves. Place cheese slices on both pieces of waffle  and apple slices in the middle. Sandwich the pieces together and return to waffle iron. Press down on the waffle iron and cook on medium-high heat until cheese melts and waffle is golden brown, about 3 minutes. Remove from iron and place on a cutting board to slice diagonally.

You can involve the kids by having them stir up the waffle mix.


The second recipe: PB&J Rolls

These are a fun way to change up your typical peanut butter and jelly lunch. The assembly process is pretty self explanatory. I spread peanut butter and jelly onto a multi grain flatbread, rolled it up, and sliced!


After making these once together, my kids made these, and ate these, all on their own!

These work well with your messy eaters becasue they can just pop the rolls into their mouth and not have to worry about wearing it on their shirt for the rest of the day. I also happen to be a huge fan of anything with peanut butter so I didn’t mind helping them eat them….. Perfect with an ice cold glass of milk.


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